When Heaven Comes to Earth


"Perfect Sacrifice DVD"


"I Am the Living Bread"

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"The Perfect Sacrifice" DVD

Discover the incredible miracle through the Holy Sacrifice of the mass today! This is a story about faith and how four people from different walks of life encounter the answers that lead to true peace of heart. Watch the powerful and inspiring testimonies of Lola Falana, an internationally known entertainer, Alan Ames, a Catholic evangelist with a world wide healing ministry, Sr. Briege McKenna, a powerfully gifted religious sister, graced with the fruits of intercessory prayer, and Fr. Larry Richards, a renowned Catholic priest, as they expound on the real presence of Jesus Christ.


"I am the Living Bread"

Includes English & Spanish versions


This film is a profoundly moving testimony to the love. power and transforming grace of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ and a personal witness of what Eucharistic Adoration can do for your life! This program is an up close and personal look at how the lives of people have been dramatically touched by their devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament through Eucharistic Adoration. Their compelling stories which have been aired on EWTN has inspired thousands of people worldwide to a more intimate relationship with the Eucharistic Jesus.